“…I was sheltering in a small village building with over 200 people, none of whom spoke English. Through the cries of the babies and children I heard a voice say…”

“You are home.”

– Coralee Kisakye, 2009

Structure, Vision & Mission…

Lugongwe Christian Community Centre is a multi-denominational Christian Organisation, that is committed to developing Lugongwe, a village in Uganda, through Education from Primary through Secondary as well as Vocational training. We also have a desire to develop the community through Agricultural training, through teaching them a healthy way of living through health education and to provide them with medical facilities.

The Organisation was formed in the Adelaide Hills, and is run by a board of voluntary members.

Uganda is a land locked Country on the Continent of Africa. It is slightly smaller than Victoria, with a population of 32 million, almost six times more than that of Victoria. The people of Uganda certainly know God as 85% of the population are Christians.  Although it is one of the poorest countries in Africa, the people are proud, hardworking and always ready to welcome a stranger with a warm smile.

Our vision is to provide the Community of Lugongwe with:

  • Primary Education
  • Construction of Secondary and Vocational Schools
  • Construction of Medical facilities
  • Adult education program
  • Christian Leadership Program
  • Clean water wells
  • Health and Nutritional Education
  • Feeding program

Victory Christian Schools

When we first came to the village of Lugongwe for a Mission trip we found the children were studying under the trees. There were 75 children at that time ranging in age from 3 to 15 years. The problem was, when the rains fell the school day ended. Uganda has two seasons, wet and dry; it basically rains for 6 months of the year. We now have 11 classrooms and over 450 students, all of whom can study no matter what the weather.

The school in the village of Lugongwe, Victory Christian Schools, is a place for the children to receive an education so they may aspire to greater things. Victory Christian Schools provides both day and boarding education for children from pre-school through to Senior 4. Our full time Nurse lives on site to ensure the physical wellbeing of both our students and all school staff. There is a parent committee to help with the day to day operations.

A Headmaster, 16 local teachers and 10 non-teaching staff are employed, plus a cook to prepare the children’s lunch of posho made from maize flour and beans. All the teachers are Ugandan, because we feel it is important to employ local people. In 2010 we began to build classrooms, by 2017 we had built 11 classrooms, medical clinic and a library. Children in Uganda start school when they are 3 years old, their day starts at 8am and goes through to 1:30pm, the older children study through to 4 pm. In 2020 we opened with well over 400 primary students from Kindergarten to Grade 7 and close to 200 senior students from year 8 to year 11.

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